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Linksys Router Login

Setting up the Linksys router has become a much simpler task with release of the newer models of the Smart WiFi routers from Linksys. Yes, we are here to discuss about the ease and simplicity of the setup procedure that Linksys now offers to its customers.

With most of its router models having dual port systems facilitating around 600mbps of speed on 2.4GHZ band and 13Gbps of internet speeds on the 5GHz counterpart, setting up a Linksys has now become easier than ever.

The routers come with additional three antennas option whose special design provides users with better and expedited internet coverage at any corner of their house and office without any lag or buffer. The reason why it is important for you to manage the WiFi setup properly is it enables you to manage the rest of its features remotely.

Linksys Router Login Setup Process

Upon unboxing your Linksys Router, you will discover the antennas that are required to connect to the router. Place your Linksys router at a location that is away from hard wired metal devices like the radio, TV or any other cordless devices. This is to avoid the interference that ca be caused with signals emitted from these devices. Once you are done with connecting the antennas, your next step is to connect the Ethernet cable from the MODEM to the yellow port of the Linksys router.

Switch ON the power of your Linksys router and you will see the router LED getting turned ON. Allow the router to boot up completely by allowing at least a few minutes.

Once the router boots up, open the main browser in your computer system and type the address in the address bar.

Setting up the Smart WiFi Account

One of the most essential aspects associated with setting up your Linksys router is having a Linksys smart WiFi account. Such an account helps you access the settings and modify them remotely. Creating such an account is an easy process.

All that you need to do is go to the URL in the address bar of any browser. Once you are done entering the URL the browser will redirect you to Linksys Smart WiFi sign in wizard. Click to create a new account and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Benefits of Using Linksys Smart WiFi Account

There are indeed some benefits of using the Smart WiFi account for maintaining the Linksys router. Some of these are given below:

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Installation

Make sure you are connected to the internet through the router and make sure they are positioned vertically. The problem with positioning the horizontal position is they cannot receive the signals properly.Connect the router to the power outlet.Get your Modem and fix the Ethernet cable in the yellow internet port at the rear-end of the router.

Wait till the power light turn stable. Consult the quick start guide that came with your router and follow the instructions to connect wirelessly and click on the auto-connect option. This will make the router connect with your computer system automatically in future.

Accessing the Linksys Router Login page

Once connected, launch the browser on your device and visit If you have already set up a Linksys smart WiFi account you can simply login and if not, you would need to create a new one.You would need some valid login credentials like the email and the password. Using this you can access the smart WiFi account and the router setup page.

Now you can make changes in your router like the router name and password, setting up the parental controls, testing the internet connection speeds, managing the guest access and setting up privacy and security controls.

Important information to consider: To keep the router error free, keep the router firmware updated. Make it practice to update the same whenever one is available. These updates keep both the router and the Modem device safe and secure for online data transmission.

Performing Setup and Configuration Settings for a Linksys Router

Setting up Linksys routers is easy. But before you proceed, ensure that you are connected to the internet and are having good internet speeds without buffer or any interruptions or interference from any external factors.

Linksys Setup

The setup process initiates once you connect your Linksys router to your computer via a blue colored Ethernet cable. Now make connections between your router and the modem using an Ethernet cable. Turn on the power of the supplied AC adapter and switch ON all the devices.

Next, open the web browser on your computer system and type or the address in the address bar and press ‘Enter’.

You will be redirected to the Linksys Router Login page.Leave the username text field *blank* and use“admin” as the default password. The password can also be changed later on after accessing the Linksys Setup page or wizard.

A message saying “Using the Web-based utility to change router settings may prevent you from using Cisco Connect” will appear, click OK and continue with the further instructions.

Setting up Parental Controls on Linksys Routers

You can use parental controls on Linksys routers to limit the functions your router can perform.

Set the time at which the internet access is allowed.

Limit the websites that can be accessed based on URL and content.

Setting up parental controls ensure that the blocked sites remain inaccessible. If in case, someone tries to access the blocked sites, the router will give a pop up for signing in to the login wizard and remove the restrictions.

Steps to setup Parental Control in Linksys Routers

Open the browser on your computer system.

Enter in the address bar. You can also mention the IP address of the router i.e. in the same field. Now, press enter to open the Linksys smart WiFi login wizard.

In the username field use admin, and in the password tab you can use the credentials that you had set during the initial router setup. If you haven’t changed the default password, you can use just “password” on the password section as a default one.

Click on the login page until the main dashboard of the smart wifi setup wizard appears on your screen.

In the username field use admin, and in the password tab you can use the credentials that you had set during the initial router setup. If you haven’t changed the default password, you can use just “admin” on the password section as a substitute to the default one.

After you are done mentioning the credentials, click on the login tab and the homepage of the Linksys Smart WiFi will appear next on your computer screen.

Locate the parental control tab, click on it and check the box adjacent to the “Enable Parental Controls” field.

Now, to apply the schedule you can click on the “Block Internet Access” button or click on the “Add a device” button.

Enter the device name, and the computer IP address as well as the time settings according to the duration you wish the specific websites to be accessed.

If you select the Specific Times option, you would need to mention the days as well as the duration for which you want to access the internet.

Now, finally click on Apply for the changes to take effect.